Einstein GPT Winter '24 release notes

Salesforce has recently published release notes for its Winter ’24 release, introducing a huge amount of powerful new features across various clouds. Let’s dive straight into the enhancements that Einstein GPT received. 

Sales: Automate Post-call and Meeting Notes Creation with Call Summaries

This is an enhancement for Einstein Conversation Insights, using which users can create generative call summaries on voice and video calls. The new Summary tab in call records enables the creation of editable call summaries. It allows seamless capture of crucial information, customer feedback, and next steps effortlessly. 

Einstein GPT Sales Call Summaries

Einstein GPT Sales Call Summaries. Source: Salesforce Release Notes Winter ’24

Sales: Personalize Outreach with AI-Powered Sales Emails

Einstein GPT for Sales transforms email outreach. Sales representatives can now craft personalized emails using preset email prompt types. Einstein leverages sales data to generate personalized, impactful content that resonates with contacts and leads.

Einstein GPT Sales Emails

Einstein GPT Sales Emails. Source: Salesforce Release Notes Winter ’24

Service: Accelerate Case Resolution with Real-Time Suggestions

Real-time response recommendations during chat conversations empower agents to deliver fluent, courteous, and relevant responses. Enhance customer support quality, satisfaction, and overall service efficiency through AI-powered assistance.

Einstein GPT Service Recommendations

Einstein GPT Service Recommendations. Source: Salesforce Release Notes Winter ’24

Service: Automatate Work Summary Creation with AI 

Predict and fill summaries, issues, and resolutions based on chat conversations between agents and customers. Agents can review, edit, and save these AI-generated summaries, streamlining case documentation and enhancing the service experience.

Einstein GPT Service Summaries

Einstein GPT Service Summaries. Source: Salesforce Release Notes Winter ’24

Field Service: AI-Generated Work Briefings

Mobile Work Briefing powered by Einstein GPT transforms Field Service operations. Provide AI-generated briefings to your mobile workers, offering them comprehensive insights about upcoming work orders. Bid farewell to toggling between tabs; workers now have everything they need at their fingertips. Boost efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance.

Einstein GPT Field Service Work Briefings

Einstein GPT Field Service Work Briefings. Source: Salesforce Release Notes Winter ’24

Commerce: Effortlessly Enhance Product Fields

Einstein Generative AI takes your Commerce stores to the next level. Now, you can effortlessly enhance product text fields for multiple products simultaneously. With simple instructions and reference fields, Einstein generates refined product text, guaranteeing consistent and engaging product descriptions.

Einstein GPT Commerce Field Content Generation

Einstein GPT Commerce Field Content Generation. Source: Salesforce Release Notes Winter ’24