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Hey guys, welcome to my first blog post, here we are we’re talking about CRM, what is it and what benefits can it provide for your organization.

So, what does CRM stand for?

It’s short for Customer Relationship Management. Think of it as a business application that keeps track of all your interactions with customers and potential clients and related data to these interactions

It’s essentially a central hub for all your customer information, holding everything from customer’s contact information, their orders, contracts, and inquiries, to support interactions, emails sent, call notes, and so on. 

Why is it essential nowadays, and what benefits can it provide?

Developed markets are now very competitive and good customer experience is extremely important to keep existing customers happy and to convert new prospects to a customer with higher probability. 

It’s not a rare case when CRM is actually the heart of the business in the corporate system landscape. Let’s review my list of the top 6 reasons why you should implement a CRM.

1. Better visibility & control over crucial business functions

Allows better control over sales, service, and marketing team’s activities and metrics using reports & dashboards

2. Organized data storage

Collects information about all interactions and stores it in an organized & secure way

3. Business Automation

Automates repetitive routine tasks across all departments

4. Enable AI capabilities

Allows to benefit from AI predictions/recommendations, after the AI model is trained with structured data collected across the years using your CRM

5. Personalized & efficient marekting

Analyzes collected data to run better marketing campaigns, deliver personalized offers to customers to increase revenue and increase efficiency in sales operations by prioritization inquires

6. Trend analysts and forecasting

Allows to analyze trends and create forecasts based on current and historical data. 

What’s next?

If you are ready to start implementing CRM or the in the process of selecting one, check out my other post’s 12 things to consider when choosing a CRM system. I’m sure it will give you a lot of insights and things to evaluate.